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How to Work in the Themed Entertainment Industry

So many people have asked me in my career, “how do I work in the themed entertainment industry?” I always respond that the industry is so large and with so many different facets that there’s definitely room for you! This course will take you through an overview of the industry as a whole and the processes and people that build amazing and memorable environments. I hope throughout this course you’ll find many different ways that your specialized talents can be used for dream-making.

How to Work in Themed Entertainment



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Christopher Bradley

Christopher Bradley

Concept illustrator/Art Director

“Theron’s perspective on my career goals gave me new found excitement, even during these troubled times for themed entertainment. He helped clarify a few things that I had been confused about, advised me on a path forward, and helped me get a birds-eye view of how certain things work in our business. I highly recommend consulting with Theron while you have the opportunity!”

Anthony Weiler

Anthony Weiler

Illustrator/Service Designer,  President- Stratos Innovation Group

“Theron really listened closely to the needs and questions I had. He genuinely wanted to help. He painted a clear vision of a path into the industry and covered a lot of relevant topics in a short period of time. Theron was very personable and of course knowledgeable. I was happy to see that he put more time and energy into our conversation than I expected. I bet he can help you too.” 

Paul Mealy

Paul Mealy

InsideDown Design Studio

"I had the opportunity to talk with Theron, and I was impressed with his preparation and input. While clearly incredibly creative, he also manages to think through problems from many different points of view (the business side, the technical side, the experience side) and provide insights that take all of these into account. The time I was able to spend with Theron was immensely valuable and I look forward to speaking with him again."