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Whether you are creating an attraction or a whole park, a hotel or resort, a mixed-use urban development or themed environment, I can bring solution-oriented creative design and a proven process to your project.



01- Project-planning, conceptual development

Aligning the client’s business objectives with a creative vision that serves as the “engine” to deliver those objectives, is critical from the start. I have experience with project planning and early concept development for projects in the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars; planning early and planning correctly is the best way to insure proper level of investment as well as meeting the expectation of the final product.

02- All phases of design

From blue sky to final design, insuring that the creative vision is the thread throughout this “physical definition” phase will deliver the emotional connection with your audience that your brand requires. Contracting design services is not hard; finding the right shepherd for your brand through the design process is the secret ingredient.

03- Specialty elements design

Successful themed environments and immersive experiences are created by layers of elements: architecture, hard/soft-scapes, lighting, props and highly specialized elements that bring it to life. These could be special effects/media, robotics, or custom-designed elements to represent your unique brand in the environment. Working with the world’s most well-known theme park brands for 30 years, refined my design skills to know how to balance these elements throughout the project.

04- Construction, themed element fabrication

Maintaining consistency through the project from conception to construction communicates the most seamless experience to your audience. Themed environments and immersive experiences require an additional level of quality assurance throughout this phase; insuring the final product aligns perfectly with what was agreed to in the design phases. This last step is the best way to deliver the critical business elements that were aligned in the first step.

Creative Design Solutions

I can help you deliver incredible success through an integrated, story-based design process that emotionally engages your audience and builds your brand equity through experiences.

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