Hope for the New Generation of Themed Entertainment Designers

collaboration leadership Aug 27, 2020

Welcome to the first post of the Designer's Creative Studio, I am excited to share personalized, content that is accessible to you; members of the Studio first! For those of you who may not know who I am, my name is Theron Skees and I am bringing over thirty years of experience within the themed entertainment industry working on everything from film and television to theme parks, retail, dining & entertainment and cruise ships.

In the coming months, you can look forward to articles, excerpts of interviews with industry pros, and monthly updates with all things involving creativity, design, leadership, and themed experiences. My goal for this blog is to share my experience and insights that create magic through design. I have been dreaming and doing the impossible for many years and want to help you do the same.

I have had the opportunity to teach and guide many students, as well as recent graduates, and they are concerned about the state of the industry. “Will there be a job for us?” This is not the first time that tourism, lodging, and themed entertainment have been affected by tragic events and I believe the industry will return as it did before. Humans have a basic need for escapism and play: these are innate regardless of age or culture. Even though there are many options for escapism and play, none is more effective than large scale, immersive environments where groups can enjoy this activity together. So much infrastructure exists all over the world to cater to this human need and, in some places we are already seeing a resurgence of new properties and projects.

At present, people are taking many different approaches to accomodate the lack of work in the industry. Some people are going back to school to further their academic career, others that were in the industry are learning new skills, pursuing their artistic and creative passions, still, others are volunteering and assisting the growth of the next generation. Now is the perfect time to be prepared for a new renaissance in the themed entertainment industry. I do believe that the industry will have to change, and address the public's need for safety and health. Those new systems and designs will leverage new innovations, which will be technology-based. New professionals who will enter the industry will have lived through this global pandemic. As a result, they will bring first-hand knowledge to help it adapt and evolve for the guests of the future. Overall, I truly believe that if you hold tight to your career passions, work hard, and pursue it relentlessly you too will enjoy your dream job!


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