How to Work in Themed Entertainment


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This course will take you through the vast and complex universe of Themed Entertainment by providing a holistic, "beginning to end" perspective. From the businesses and markets that make up the industry to the processes and people that build amazing and memorable environments. You will discover multiple entry points to join this dynamic world


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Themed Entertainment Industry

The Industry

Discover every corner of the complex world of Themed Entertainment

Project Team

The Team

Learn each of the disciplines & roles on the project team and how they collaborate

The Processes

Take a detailed journey through all of the processes required to dream & build magical places

I always enjoy working with Theron! He is a remarkable educator. He demonstrates an excellent rapport with students and was able to amplify their stories and lift their final thesis projects. He delivered a lectures, worked with students in one to ones and held debriefs to consider what they had collectively learnt. This was carefully planned and beautifully delivered with great skill.

Karl Rouse 

Associate Dean, Themed Entertainment Arts SCAD University

What an absolutely fantastic experience, 3 days to listen, learn, and discuss with one of the most dynamic storytellers of our time.




Dr Kelly Bailey

Producer, Themed Experience TV 

How to Work in Themed Entertainment

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