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Executive creative Imagineer, Theron Skees, can propel your journey in themed experience design

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3 keys I provide for unlocking your potential

Coaching & Mentoring

Using my experience, passion and the lessons I've accumulated, I can guide you on your journey and give you valuable advantage

Dreaming & Doing 'impossible'

I have worked in the Themed Entertainment Industry for 30 years, from concept design to opening day, delivering "the impossible"

Story evangelist

A good story is more than just creative direction for the team, it is the framework the project is structured on; a crucial ingredient for success

The Designer's Creative Studio

In a large, complex industry crowded with multiple players, it is difficult to “break in”. Even if a degree gets your foot in the door, navigating the processes and culture without the right tools can be limiting. 

Let my diverse design and leadership experience provide you the advantages you need to attain and flourish in your dream role.

Studio Time with Theron

One of the most beneficial and hard to find opportunities in the industry is one on one connection with leaders who will share their experience to promote your growth. I've created two ways for you to book studio time, so I can do just that... Let's discuss your career goals or maybe you want to receive some guidance within the industry? Set up some time so we can discuss… I would like to apply my experience to assist in your personal career journey

Learning content to inform your journey

Instructional courses

Releasing January 2, 2021!

My courses will detail every aspect of working in the themed entertainment design industry; the story development, processes, design principles and world-building techniques I've used in my career. Join me to go inside the project process from before the beginning to after the end.

League of Extraordinary Storytellers

Coming soon! Join me as I interview industry pros about their role in the Themed Entertainment Industry. We'll explore how various disciplines work together to create dimensional story experiences. Expect to be entertained and inspired from this dialogue between colleagues and friends!

Themed Journeys

Coming soon! 

Go beyond 'the classroom' with these narrated walk-throughs of immersive, themed venues and explore the design elements and principles that created every experience. Each journey illustrates and reinforces the material learned during the courses. 

The true measure of a person is what others say about them

"I always enjoy working with Theron.  He is good company, as well as being a remarkable educator.  He demonstrates an excellent rapport with students and was able to amplify their stories and lift their final thesis projects.  He delivered a lecture, worked with students in one to ones and also held a debrief to consider what we had collectively learnt over the time we spent together.  This was carefully planned and beautifully delivered with great skill."

Karl Rouse
Karl Rouse, Associate DeanThemed entertainment Arts SCAD University

"I have had the pleasure of working with Theron and his team for the past three years. His level of commitment and the ‘above and beyond attitude’ is always inspiring. Theron leads by example and has an incredible amount of passion, dedication and attention to detail. From managing an entire fleet of cruise ships to providing feedback to an experience- he always has time for you and is friendly and caring. I hope I can continue working with him in the future"

Nick Gregory
Founder & Director Great Ape Games

"What an absolutely fantastic experience, 3 days to listen, learn, and discuss with one of the most dynamic storytellers of our time"

Kelly B
SCAD THED graduate

"“Theron’s perspective on my career goals gave me new found excitement, even during these troubled times for themed entertainment. He helped clarify a few things that I had been confused about, advised me on a path forward, and helped me get a birds-eye view of how certain things work in our business. I highly recommend consulting with Theron while you have the opportunity!”"

Christopher Bradley
Concept Illustrator/Art Director

Theron's media experiences

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